1/ Editors’ introduction

During the second half of the 80s we received the martinist/martinezist deposit of the Ordre Martiniste Initiatique & the Ordre des Chevaliers Maçons Elus-Coëns de l’Univers. This was notably the Fr. Iacobus (Joël Duez) which served the intention of the universe in this task, and which, very benevolently, confided to us rituals & instructions, filiations & teachings. The Fr. Iacobus received them himself from the late Marcel Jirousek, from Brussels, disciple of the late Robert Ambelain, and decided to carry on this tradition independently of its first mentor, perhaps somewhat immoderate in the application of the internal regulation of a very hierarchical system (relating to this subject, see our Dogme & Rituel de l’Ordre Hermétique de l’Aube Dorée, préliminaire à la voie thélémite d’Aleister Crowley published by Les Gouttelettes de Rosée 1999, p. 16). There are, in fact, no reasons to claim to any filial authenticity with regard to martinezism and we fall in with the good Robert Amadou’s opinion, which concludes in its Documents Martinistes (Chap.V, paragraph 6, indented line A) : “Nobody, to our knowledge, holds today the Cohen succession, neither within any Order, nor in an individual way. The documents here presented have been transmitted to us under the title Manuscrit d’Alger. Some sparse extracts have been published here and there by notably Amadou or Ambelain but not all of it to our knowledge, and that was a gap that we have wished to fill with this electronic edition, which should give birth to an exhaustive and serious study.

We didn’t make a lot of researches on the subject, and then we haven’t been able to locate all the original manuscripts, while knowing that some pages are available in the Lyon’s Library, which Papus/Martinez de Pasqually/Jean-BaptisteWillermoz’s collection is famous.

It is therefore in the hope of seeing the forming of an intelligible and complete publication of Martinez de Pasqually’s works (the greatest, perhaps the sole magician of the western eighteenth century... ?); in any case not to be missed in French occultist imaginary nowadays, that we give, such as it have been given to us, this Manuscrit d’Alger.

Let the rituals be rightly performed with joy & beauty! (AL II. 35).

Philippe Pissier & Matthieu Léon, October 1999 e.v.

2/ Table of contents

I. Pages 1 à 25 : Catéchismes des philosophes Elus Coëns de l'Univers, 1770.

II. Pages 26 à 46 : Catéchisme des Maîtres Coëns.

III. Pages 46 à 52 : Catéchisme des Grands-Maîtres Coëns surnommés Grands Architectes.

IV. Pages 52 à 58 : Catéchisme des Grands Elus de Zorobabel soi-disant Chevaliers d'Orient.

V. Pages 59 à 77 : Catéchisme des Commandeurs d'Orient Apprentifs R. +.

VI. Pages 78 à 86 : Catéchisme de Commandeur d'Orient Apprentif Reau Croix.

VII. Pages 87 à 116 : Explication secrète du catechisme d'App. Comp. et M. Coën.

VIII. Pages 117 à 163 : Extrait de ce qui est contenu dans les Grades de l'Ordre des E.C.

IX. Pages 164 à 207 : Prières et Travaux pour la Réconciliation Générale de l'Homme de Désir avec son Etre Spirituel.

X. Pages 208 à 222 : De circulo et ejus compositiones.

XI. Pages 223 à 278 : Instruction Secrète des Conduc. En chef des Col. D'or., et d'occ. et d'un V. m. de Temple.